How to make a mixtape cover

Now having the right mixtape cover nowadays is critical to the success of your mixtape. If you don’t already have a following of dedicated fans who already download  or buy them when you drop(release) it, then it’s sad to say that know one or very few will actually want to hear your music if the cover does not grab their attention right away. Most of us are not the most gifted graphic artist who are able to bang out the slick genius artwork that’s needed for our album in minutes or even hours. But we might know someone who can. And if you don’t know someone, you can easily hire someone online to do it for you for a very cheap price. These strategies are good only if your willing to be in constant contact with the artist from beginning to end. And then your left hoping and waiting that it turns out the way you wanted it to be.

Or maybe we do have that genius ideas but just don’t have the artistic skills to pull it off. Well i’m here to let you know that you can get it done the way you want it by getting and gathering:

some free images online (search Google for  free images you want to use in the picture)
Some pictures of yourself (if you want)
Get Adobe Photoshop or the free  demo version 
Then Watch the videos below and your all set. I’t that easy!!


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